Property & asset management

Property Management

Critical to the success of any commercial investment is an active property management strategy. Good property management leads to reduced void periods, greater success in increased rents on review, increased capital values and good landlord and tenant working relationships.

The close interdepartmental relationship that we have developed within WBM Property coupled with our in depth property management experience enables all of these objectives to be achieved.

Our clients are able to tailor the range of services we offer to accommodate their own needs and can choose from any of the following or the entire portfolio:

  • Estate and Building Management
  • Full Service Charge Management and Account Administration
  • Rent Collection
  • Landlord and Tenant Liaison
  • Empty Property Insurance Inspections
  • Strategic advice on Property Management implementation

Estate and Building Management

Each management instruction varies depending on the subject property. WBM Property Management is able to undertake a full management service for most commercial property types. Our expertise lies within industrial estate and business park developments, multi occupied office schemes, retail parks and mixed commercial schemes.

Full Service Charge Management and Account Administration
Implementation and Management of Small Works

Part of the property management role entails the implementation of small to medium sized maintenance and refurbishment works. WBM Property Management has a network of local contractors and tradesman primed to act in accordance with our instructions.

Coupled with the WBM philosophy of working closely with different professional disciplines, in particular WBM Building Surveyors, we are able to offer an unrivalled service within the region

Rent Collection

Whilst most landlords look to retain the role of rent collection, we are able to offer the service, invoicing tenants as per their lease terms and transferring funds to our clients on receipt.

Landlord and Tenant Liaison

The role of a good managing agent is to act on behalf of their client, but having regard for maintaining an ongoing working relationship between a landlord and their tenant.

Empty Property Insurance Inspections

Most commercial property insurance policies require a regular inspection regime to check on condition and security matters. Our experience in the commercial property sector ideally places WBM Property Management to fulfil this role completely rather than relying on a variety of trades.

Strategic advice on Property Management implementation

Our expertise is within the entire property management spectrum so we are ideally placed to advise on any commercial property management matter. We are able to tailor our services to the specific needs of each client and even when we are not required to have a full hands on management role, we are still able to provide advice on and help set up the most appropriate a workable and successful management strategy.