Building Consultancy

At WBM our Building Surveyors offer a full range of professional and project management building surveying services on commercial property. We are able to investigate and arrange repair of building defects, act as lead consultant on your refurbishment or extension and undertake building surveys for a variety of requirements.

Further summary comment on some of the main activities that WBM Building Surveyors undertake are listed below.

Building Surveys and Property Inspections

The term building survey means different things to different people. There are many types of building survey that are often required for a variety of purposes.

From our experience we know that a one size fits all survey does not exist. The type of survey required is likely to fall into one of the headings below but often requires tailoring to suit the particular circumstances of the instruction.

Building Surveys, Due Diligence and Acquisition Surveys

Still referred to by some as a structural survey a full building survey is often undertaken at the time of acquiring the freehold or long leasehold interest in a property. Such a survey is undertaken as part of the acquisition and due diligence process and is used to identify any likely problems with the property’s condition and future repairing liabilities.

Schedules of Condition

Schedules of condition are produced prior to the commencement of a new lease. A schedule of condition records the condition of the property at the time of inspection by way of referenced photographs and text. It records the general condition of the property and should quantify the extent of any defects present. Schedules of condition are normally referred to within and appended to new leases for the purposes of limiting the extent of the tenants repair and dilapidation liability at lease end. We also check schedules of condition prepared by others before they are finalised to ensure the client’s interests are protected.

Planned Maintenance Reports

Planned maintenance schedules are produced to enable the future maintenance and repairs expenditure of a property to be planned and budgeted rather than reacting to property defects as they occur. Planned Maintenance schedules are often referred to as PMP (Planned Maintenance Plans) or PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance). Such inspections record repairs and works required that are considered necessary both at the time of inspection and those works likely to be required in the future. The likely works are scheduled and budget costs put against the work items. The works are then typically scheduled over a 5 to 10 year period.

Defect Analysis and Repair

Often our inspection of a property is to look at one or more specific maintenance or repair issues. In our experience as building surveyors and project managers we have come across many types of building defect. Even when a new problem is encountered our skill sets as surveyors enables us to get to the root cause of the problem and recommend appropriate solutions. As described under the project management heading we are then able to specify, tender and manage any works required.

Empty Property Inspections

Whilst typically undertaken as part of our property management role resolving any issues that arise is often integrated with our building surveying services.

Dilapidations and Landlord and Tenant Services

Dilapidations is a term typically used to describe the process relating to a tenants lease end repairing obligations. Under commercial leases tenants typically have covenants requiring them to maintain, repair and decorate the property they occupy. There are usually specific requirements relating to any alterations that a tenant has made during the lease term with the normal obligation being that any alterations are removed at lease end. As Building Surveyors we act both for landlord and tenants. As more occupiers become aware that they have a future liability, we are increasingly advising tenants on the likely extent and cost of lease end liabilities in advance of the lease end. We also prepare schedules of dilapidations setting out the landlords lease end claim for tenant breaches of repair covenant or act for tenants in responding to schedules of dilapidations served by their landlords. We then act for either tenant or landlords in negotiating an appropriate settlement.

Project Management

A Building Surveyors knowledge of building defects and the construction process makes them ideal to manage building works on behalf of clients whether it be a small maintenance repair or larger new build or refurbishment project. Depending on the project our role can vary from specifying, tendering and managing small repairs, acting as lead consultant on larger refurbishment and construction projects or monitoring of works on behalf of clients or funders.

We have been involved in projects from feasibility stage right through to completion and occupation.

Contract Administration & Building Works

WBM undertake the role of Contract Administrators on a variety of repair and refurbishment works. Our role typically involves scheduling and specifying the required works, preparing and managing the tender process including the advice on the most appropriate contract form and then acting as contract administrators under the terms of the building contract between client and contractor and see the project through to completion on behalf of the client.

Employers Agent

Similar to the role of Contract Administration but where works are procured on a design and build basis, WBM act as employer’s agent to ensure the client’s requirements are delivered. We work with the client to produce the employer’s requirement document, undertake cost planning, manage the tender process and monitor the works on site.

Project Co ordination

On larger projects where the input of other specialist consultants is required WBM act as lead consultant. We work with the client to establish the consultants brief, obtain fee quotations from appropriate consultants and then act as lead consultant managing the clients appointed team to deliver the required works.

Refurbishment and Maintenance Management

Combining the skills and resources of both our management and building surveying services we can investigate, recommend repairs or refurbishment, obtain contractors costs and manage any type of repair, maintenance or refurbishment contract whether covered by one of the above more detailed services or works of a smaller nature.

Project and Development Monitoring

WBM are able to act as project monitors. We can undertake a review of the development specification and independently monitor the construction. We act as the client’s representative reporting back on programme, quality and budget helping to ensure the development team deliver what is expected on time and on budget.

Cost Consultancy

Often integrated as part of the above project services WBM regularly provide initial budget costs. Where more detailed cost planning is required we can also arrange for full budget cost reports to be provided. As part of any project we are involved with we manage the project expenditure against the agreed works agreeing any variations as necessary with client and contractor